British Prints and Weaves

Channeling the Country House vibe, the fabrics used to create Mrs Bennet's British Prints and Weaves collection come from some of the best-known English design houses. All our British cushions have been sewn by hand on Penny Lane, Liverpool, England.

Hand Block Prints

India's handmade textiles are embedded in every aspect of it's identity, with regionally diverse dyes, weaves, embroideries and prints telling the story of a Nation. Mrs Bennet's collection celebrates the highly skilled, hand block tradition of Jaipur and the Mughal Empire.

Shantung Silks

Produced when the fine thread of the warp and the rougher thread of the weft are woven together, Shantung silk is the rarest and most valuable of China's textiles. Mrs Bennet's silk collection, hand sewn right here in Singapore, allows the beauty of the fabric to take centre stage.